Diptyque / ‘Fleur de peau’ / 50th anniversary of fragrances!

Diptyque’s fragrances celebrate their 50th !
And here is Fleur de peau, one of the two new fragrances to celebrate it. This is an invitation to smell the images and see the fragrances!

This new olfactory landcape you are discovering, is all about musks, powdery illustration, and evanescent myth.
The illustration of Fleur de Peau is in a psychedic way, because this new eau de parfum celebrates 50 years of fragrance creation at Diptyque, as the first fragrance l’Eau was created in 1968!
The word PSYCHEDELISM made me travel to ancient Greece, through the myth of Pysche and Eros, with the beauty’s quest to meet her lover and the happy outcome of their union and the birth of their daugher. For this illustration I did inkblots on a white paper, following a technique I first used on a greeting card I sent to diptyque. In the inkblots I drew iris and hibiscus flowers – that have been used in the fragrance, and at the back I have also hidden Psyché among the flowers, and Eros.

The poster is a nod to 1960s concert posters. You can discover Psyché, Eros and his arrows, but also Hedone their daughter. And when you look carefully, a giant iris flower reveals itself, with the petals and yellow stamens.

drawing / design / artwork / sketch / graphic / illustration / picture / object / space 
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