Hermès / carré / scarf / ‘au coin du feu’

Once again, Dimitri Rybaltchenko’s imagination transforms the Hermès ex libris! This design magically metamorphoses the silk twill to look like a Jersey knit, a technique that takes its name from the largest of the Channel Islands, located just off Normandy’s Cotentin peninsula. Framed by jacquard motifs evocative of ski jumpers, large and small snowflakes and borders, the harnessed horse is transformed into a bounding reindeer, the carriage into a sleigh loaded with presents, the groom into a cheery young mountain boy and the caduceus into a pair of Christmas trees. Winter’s approaching – it seems to say – heralding cosy nights by the fire accompanied by the click of knitting-needles.
drawing / design / artwork / sketch / graphic / illustration / picture / object / space 
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